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There is nothing like this out there. I needed this.
— Angelina, former Division 1 rower


If you are a woman and an athlete, consider us part of your team.

FIERCE Athlete is here to help you realize who you were created to be as a true and authentic female athlete.


we're here to support you.


FIERCE has already articulated so many things for me I didn’t even realize I was struggling with.
— Theresa, high school runner, D1 commit

Our Vision & Mission

At FIERCE Athlete, we envision a world in which every female athlete knows her identity in Christ and lives a full, integrated life.

To realize this vision, our mission is to promote true and authentic identity and femininity within female athletics. Based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, we aim to radically influence the culture of female athletics and address the serious issues women face by teaching, leading, and mentoring women toward integration.


FIERCE is an acronym standing for Femininity, Identity, Embodiment, Receptivity, Catholicism, and Encounter. These along with Athlete make up the foundation of who we are and what we believe female athletes are being called to live out.

We want athletes to identify with what it means to be a true FIERCE Athlete by learning about and living these six pillars.

We Invite you to Join us.


you have a story and a past.

And that’s ok.

We still struggle with balancing sports and personal life. We try not place our entire identity in being an athlete, but often fail.

We struggle to understand our femininity while embracing our athletic bodies. We often turn every game into a competition (because why not? ;)

And sometimes we care too much about what others think.

But one thing remains certain…

We are uniquely created and loved by God.

The fullness of our identity and worth is in Him, regardless of our mistakes, achievements, or lifestyle.

And our athleticism is a gift—part of who He made us to be.

I realized the root of all of my problems, hurts, and sin was not knowing what it truly means to be feminine.
— Alicia, former D1 basketball player

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