Growing Together this Lent


Lent is a season of preparation and fasting, in preparation for Holy Week and the Passion of Christ, and ultimately the Resurrection off Jesus at Easter.

We can all benefit from fasting- it teaches us so many lessons of virtue, self-denial, perseverance, and prayer.

This Lent we will be walking through what it really means to be a FIERCE Athlete. We will follow the acronym FIERCE in our daily videos week by week: Femininity, Identity, Embodiment, Receptivity, Catholicism, and Encounter. Together we will journey into a deeper understanding of our femininity, bodies, faith, and sport. EVERY DAY we want to encourage you to offer your fasts up for someone in your life, or an intention that needs prayer. This Lent, and your fasts can become about more than just you, and can be turned into an offering and intercession.

Ultimately, Our bodies are sacred, and a gift. We need to take equal care of our bodies and our souls. As human beings we are body AND soul, physical and spiritual. So what we do to our bodies affects our souls and vice versa. That is why we encourage you to please consider joining our Lent Challenge, and inviting friends to join you. I will be posting daily formational and inspirational videos to our Instagram Account and Facebook Group to keep your motivated! Also in order to help keep you accountable and on track we have developed a FIERCE Athlete Advent Journal. You can download it for free here.

Workout with us. Eat with us. Pray with us. And be formed into the beautiful woman that God created you to be this Lent!