Day 7- Lent Challenge 2019

Day 7: IDENTITY. We are not reduced to what we look like. How we look is unique and beautiful but our worth is not based off of it. We are body and soul and have to go deeper. Reducing our worth to appearance makes us think that only if we look a certain way will we be loveable. That is not true! You are loved because you were created uniquely and preciously by God!

Day 6- Lent Challenge

Day 6- IDENTITY. We often base our identity off what we do. While what we do is amazing and makes us unique- if we base our worth solely off of what “we do” then we believe we have to earn love. We are only lovable if we “do” a certain thing, or win a race, or find success. This isn’t true. We are loved by the fact we are created. We are loved for who we are by God. .

Day 1- Lent Challenge 2019

Day 1- Ash Wednesday!!! Let’s start Lent off right- get to mass and follow it with your workout, nutritional and spiritual goals! Also every day this Lent offer your workout up for a different person or intention- it’s about more than just you! Track your goals and offerings in our journal- link in bio for free download!

Day 20

Day 20. How do we practically discern God’s Dream for our life!? Part 2.3. What is our greatest wound and healing and how can we use that to help others heal? 4. What is a gift that has died or you haven’t used in a while- can you resurrect it? 5. The kingdom of God belongs to the childlike. Revisit your childhood dreams!