Day 20

Day 20. How do we practically discern God’s Dream for our life!? Part 2.3. What is our greatest wound and healing and how can we use that to help others heal? 4. What is a gift that has died or you haven’t used in a while- can you resurrect it? 5. The kingdom of God belongs to the childlike. Revisit your childhood dreams!

Day 17

Day 17. One week to go! God’s dream for our life is just as unique as we are! You are unique, have unique talents and gifts, and are in a particular position in life that makes His dream for you particular. How can you use your uniqueness to serve and love those around you?!?

Day 13

Day 13. Friday Practicals. Unbound prayer! It’s time to claim freedom and renounce what holds us back! Call on the presence of the Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ renounce and bind the lie and send it to the foot of the cross. Then ask the Lord to fill you with his Love!!!! Praying for all of you! Thanks for being on this journey with me!

Day 5

Day 5!!!! God’s LOVE for you is particular. His love for us is just as unique as we are. How does God love you? Maybe it’s through beauty, nature, art, working out, a friend, family member, deep prayer, a vision, a coincidence or a surprise. Stop and notice how he is loving you today! He is everywhere and constantly revealing himself to us. Receive it!