EP. 6: Bailey Landry Domangue: Playing Graceful

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Bailey Landry Domangue, an LSU Alumni, two-time NCAA D1 All American, and now professional softball player, joins us to discuss her journey through sport. 

She discusses how to prepare yourself mentally to compete at the highest level, how to adapt and grow into new roles on your team, and how to be uniquely the player and athlete that you were created to be. Your "X, Y, Z" may be different than someone else's "A, B, C", but Bailey encourages us athletes to push toward the goal in our unique way. 

And yes, to finish, Bailey will give her brilliant opinion on the age old baseball and softball comparison. Bailey, with such grace, gentleness, and tact speaks into the sometimes negative labeling we face as athletes. She leaves us with such an appreciation of the masculine and feminine complementarity, but difference, that exists in sport and in life! 

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Follow Bailey on Instagram: @Baileylandrydom or visit her website: https://www.baileylandry.com

Physical Challenge: 
When you face a challenge this week in sport or life, pray the prayer "Lord, make me courageous".

Spiritual Challenge: 
Pray the Rosary once this week to start your day. 
Not sure how to pray the Rosary? Learn HERE 

Samantha Kelley