Episode 5: Jennifer Finegan: Living the Gift

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Former professional basketball player and NCAA National Defensive Player of the Year, Jennifer Finnegan, discusses how life can be a gift, when we look to make it one. She discusses the importance of good mentors and coaches, a proper perspective on basketball, and how she came back to living the gift of her Catholic faith. 

But her journey hasn't always been easy, Jennifer also talks about feeling used as an athlete, learning to integrate faith, and how the transition after her professional basketball career affected her mindset and view of her body. Jen gets real and raw sharing how she came to view her body as beautiful, powerful, and a gift. 

Weekly Challenge
Physical Challenge: 
Do something that is hard for you and try and find joy in it. Practice finding joy in the thing you find fear in. Maybe that means eating the cupcake!

Spiritual Challenge: 
Look at a Crucifix, and take time to look at Christ's body. Then ask Him to help you love yourself, and love others.

Samantha Kelley