Episode 4: Kerri Gallagher: Running on Faith

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Kerri Gallagher is a former professional runner who represented the US at the World Championships in 2015, and currently coaches D1 Cross Country and Track at Manhattan College. She talks about how we “are not in the business of feeling good”, but of pursuing greatness both on the track and in the spiritual life. But greatness and progress come when we endure trails and plateaus, and have the courage to fail. It was taking risks that led to a deep surrender that allowed Kerri to progress from modest beginnings to the world stage. It allowed her to know she deserved to be on the track and could run in freedom.

So if you have ever experienced failure in your sport or spiritual life, and are looking for the courage and inspiration to keep going or make sense of it, Kerri is the perfect guest to inspire you to keep putting one foot and front of the other. Join us on this journey toward growth both physically and spiritually.


Physical: Identiy a perceived failure, weakness, or wound, and offer it to the Lord and ask Him where He was in it and give him freedom to transform it in your story

Spiritual: Identify where you are failing or struggling in the Spiritual Life and offer it to God, asking Him to coach you and speak into it.

Three Steps:

1.    Identify a Failure

2.    Face it

3.    Offer it to the Lord

Samantha Kelley