Episode 3: Sr. M. Xavier: All in: Basketball to the Convent

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Have you ever talked to a nun? How about one who was a star basketball player at a top Division 1 program? On this episode, Sr. M. Xavier of the Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George shares how she went from being all in as a Ohio State stand out to all in as a religious sister. We discuss the parallels that exist between sport and faith. We also talk about peer pressure, the struggles of team life, injury, and feeling alone in your faith. 

Stay tuned toward the end of the episode, Nicole, Sam and Sr. M. Xavier have a beautiful conversation about how to pray and specifically how to pray while working out!

Challenge for the Week: 
Physical Challenge: Offer your workout up for someone in need, but unite that workout to Christ's passion

Spiritual Challenge:
Reflect on this poem suggested by Sr. M. Xavier

Poem from St. Faustina's Diary #1629
I am a host in Your hand, 
O Jesus, my Creator and Lord, 
Silent, hidden, without beauty or charm, 
Because all the beauty of my soul is imprinted within me.

I am a host in Your hand, O Divine Priest, 
Do with me as You please; 
I am totally dependent on Your will, O Lord 
Because it is the delight and adornment of my soul. 

I am like a white host in Your hand, O God, 
I implore You, transform me into Yourself. 
May I be wholly hidden in You, 
Locked in Your merciful Heart as in Heaven. 

I am like a host in Your hand, O Eternal Priest,
May the wafer of my body hide me from human eye; 
May Your eye alone measure my love and devotion, 
Because my heart is always united with Your Divine Heart.

I am like a sacrificial host in Your hand, O Divine Mediator, 
And I burn on the altar of holocaust, 
Crushed and ground by suffering like grains of wheat, 
And all this for the sake of Your glory, for the salvation of souls.

I am a host abiding in the tabernacle of Your Heart. 
I go through life drowned in Your love, 
And I fear nothing in the world, 
For You Yourself are my shield, my strength, and my defense. 

I am a host, laid on the altar of Your Heart, 
To burn forever with the fire of love, 
For I know that You have lifted me up solely because of Your mercy, 
And so I turn all these gifts and graces to Your glory. 

I am a host in Your hand, O Judge and Savior. 
In the last hour of my life, 
May the omnipotence of Your grace lead me to my goal, 
May Your compassion on the vessel of mercy become famous.

Samantha Kelley