Episode 2: Kristen Phillips: Success ≠ Worth

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Kristen Phillips, former college and professional basketball player, Division 1 coach, and now mom of two, gets real about self-worth. From a young age, Kristin knew basketball was a part of God’s purpose for her life. A college career riddled with mono and injury, helped teach her the lesson that her self-worth is not based on success and achievements. On this episode, we chat about performance, recruitment, pressures, seeking help, counseling and so much more.

We encourage our listeners who are struggling to consider finding a Christian or Catholic Counselor. Here are some places to start looking:




Challenge for the Week
1.    Pray- WRITE IT OUT!
2.    Talk to a safe person about your struggles. Pray that person would come into your life
3.    Consider taking the first step toward finding a good counselor. 

Samantha Kelley