Episode 1: Join us on this Journey

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Nicole and Sam welcome you to the FIERCE Athlete Podcast! From a very awkward first encounter to concurrent hip surgeries, these two friends and former D1 athletes have been through it all, and they are excited to welcome you into the journey to becoming a FIERCE Athlete.

We are female athletes being raw and real about the joys and struggles of sport on and off the field. We share how faith can both heal our wounds and reveal true beauty.

On this first episode we introduce you to the purpose of this podcast- to provide a platform for female athletes to share their stories, to discuss the issues of sport and life, and to form a community of like-minded FIERCE athletes. We discuss how we met as friends and how themes of identity and beauty have led us to a deeper realization of our purpose in sport and in life.

A little bit more about your hosts:
Nicole Skoch is a former D1 Volleyball player from the University of Texas. She won a National Championship in her time with Texas. She now lives in Kansas City with her husband and coaches women volleyball.

Sam Kelley is the Founder and President of FIERCE Athlete- a non profit aimed at promoting true identity and femininity in female athletics. She is a former D1 soccer player at the University of Connecticut, and now is competitive rower and lifter.

This Week’s Challenge
Physical Challenge: 
Offer one of your workouts up this next week for a friend
Spiritual Challenge: In prayer, ask Jesus "How do you see me"?