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Samantha speaks nationally on topics of SportFemininityTheology of the BodyPrayer, and any other topics that fit within the mission of FIERCE Athlete.

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About Sam

Samantha Kelley is a former Division 1 soccer player for UConn. After college she worked with student athletes for five years through FOCUS and Varsity Catholic. She currently holds a Masters in Catholic Psychology from Divine Mercy University and is pursuing Theology of the Body teaching Certification through the Theology of the Body Institute.

Samantha speaks nationally on topics of Sport, Femininity, Theology of the Body, Prayer, and any other topics that fit within the mission of FIERCE Athlete, Inc. She has spoken at SEEK, etc. etc.


Single Talks


Sport is amazing, and our athleticism is a gift. For the majority of athletes, their worth is tied up in their persona as an athlete: in their performance, success, body, coach’s and teammate’s opinions, etc. In this talk, we take a step back and look at the true source of our worth—being Daughters of God—and how that can positively impact our view of self, view of sport, and the way we approach the pressures we face as female athletes.

The Female Athlete Body

As female athletes are bodies look different than other women. We are stronger, fitter, and carry more muscle. As a result, there is a lot of negative stigma surrounding the human body and the majority of women are hypercritical of their bodies.

In this talk, we discuss the beauty of being both strong and feminine, and what God intended for our bodies.

The Intersection of Faith and Sport

The majority of Americans spend their Sundays watching sports. And while there is a negative stigma around the idolization of sports in today’s society, we have to realize God created sport. He also created the human body that is able to execute them.

In this talk, we look at the intersection of our physical and spiritual lives, what sport can teach us about faith, and how our faith can influence the way we play, view, and compete in sport.