Growing Together this Advent


As we approach the Advent Season, I can’t help thinking about Mary. Pregnant women are so careful to take care of their bodies when they are pregnant. They take prenatals, eat well, sleep, and exercise. How much more did Mary seek to take care of her body since GOD was within her womb!?

By Our Baptism, Christ dwells in us too - in the depths of our hearts and souls. We need to take equal care of our bodies and our souls. As human beings we are body AND soul, physical and spiritual. So what we do to our bodies affects our souls and vice versa.

As we approach the Advent season, lets focus on taking care of both our bodies and souls. It is a way that we can prepare for the coming of Christ this Christmas.

We don’t often think as Advent as a time of fasting - we leave that to Lent. But Advent, like Lent, is a time of preparation.

Please consider joining our Advent Challenge, and inviting friends to join you. I will be posting daily formational and inspirational videos to our Instagram Account and Facebook Group to keep your motivated! Also in order to help keep you accountable and on track we have developed a FIERCE Athlete Advent Journal entitled "Running through Advent with Mary". You can download it for free here.

Workout with us. Eat with us. Pray with us. And be formed into the beautiful woman that God created you to be this Advent!